I am Dr. J. Manuel “Manny” Arreguin and I am committed to ending the political paralysis stifling Washington which, in turn, creates hardships on the great people of Arizona’s Congressional District 3. I am convinced by working together we can find and implement common sense solutions to promote job growth, to apply effective and compassionate immigration policies, and to implement patient focused healthcare reform. I welcome the chance to change Washington to the betterment of our family, friends, and neighbors in our district.

While there are dozens of urgent issues confronting our world, our Nation, and our State, I believe that as your Congressman my time would best be served to pursue the following three issues with my utmost abilities.

Creating Jobs for Southern Arizona Families
Southern Arizona is a great place to live and raise a family. As your Representative in Congress, I will work tirelessly to bring more business and economic opportunities to our communities.

Reforming our Immigration System
We all need an immigration system that brings people together so that we can finally have a policy that helps keep families together, creates jobs and provides security to our border region.

Quality Patient Focused Healthcare
While America has the best healthcare system in the world, Southern Arizona is a healthcare patchwork, leaving some of our neighbors without access to quality healthcare. A system is required which will put the patient first without compromising the healthcare industry we require to sustain the coverage.

  • Access to HealthcareThe Affordable Care Act was a positive step forward. However, it was not perfect. As a doctor who has worked for over 20 years in community hospitals, I have seen first-hand the health and cost benefits of providing families access to quality healthcare and medical professionals.
  • Job CreationMy top priority as your Congressman will be to work to create economic opportunities in Southern Arizona. I will work to promote the industries that support Southern Arizona families including tourism, agriculture, defense contractors, and entrepreneurs.
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